Das Brautinventar der Paola Gonzaga: Hochzeitswagen und Brauttruhen

Wolfgang D. Wanek


The Bride Inventory of Paola Gonzaga: Bridal Cart and Chests

The following paper takes a closer look at the bridal cart and chests of the Mantuan princess Paola Gonzaga, who was sent to marry Leonhard of Gorizia in 1478. With her she brought an adequate dowry, which was listed in an inventory. Based on this document, aspects of the material culture of the time shall be discussed and used to gain insights into the daily life of women and their situation in the 15th century. The analysis will focus on two categories of Paola’s dowry: the partly preserved chests and the luxurious bride cart and its accessories. Those objects also shed light onto the socio-political situation of the late medieval period, and provide insights into the mechanism and imaginaries of medieval dynastic representation, namely of the Gonzaga family.





DOI: https://doi.org/10.15203/historia.scribere.12.633


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