Die tirolische Legende vom „Anderl von Rinn“. Andreaskult und Wallfahrtskirche

Judith Dengler


Hippolyt Guarinoni is a key figure in the Tyrolean Anderl-cult. His anti Jewish attitude rooted in a deeply Catholic attitude very common in the baroque era. He created a Tyrolean marthyr’s cult („Anderl-cult“) following the concept of the Simon of Trient-legend. The Anderl-legend spread very fast. It was then connected to a child’s murder in Judenstein, near Innsbruck, for which Jews were made responsible. To commemorate the violent „ritual death“ of Anderl Guarinoni planned a church at the very spot of his death. The plan was realized after Guarinonis death in the 17th century. Pilgrimages, processions, songs, prayers, plays, etc. made the place famous far across the borders. These pilgrimages continued far into the 20th century thus keeping up a latent antisemitism in the population. The cult was forbidden in 1989 by Bishop Stecher.





DOI: https://doi.org/10.15203/historia.scribere.10.113


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