„Das von Außen kommende Gift und die Zerstörung des gesunden, weißen Amerikas“: Drogen und mexikanische MigrantInnen in den USA. Eine historische Analyse.

Alejandro Boucabeille


This diploma thesis analyzes the relationship between foreign aliens to the United States (mainly Mexican citizens) and the US-Drug-Policy concerning Mexican Immigration to the United States. The focus lies on the period between 1900 and 2012. The method of this research is on the one hand analyzing historical documents such as migration laws, acts, decrees, and not less important documents, due to their decision-involving impetus, such as historical memoirs. On the other hand, own-generated migrant’s and expert’s interviews but also a media representation analysis lie at ground of this study. The goal is to show how enemy stereotypes are constructed and influence the US-Immigration and Drug Policies. 


Exposé Diplomarbeit



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