Die Vorrechte des Adels in Bayern und Tirol. Steuer-, Gerichts- und Jagdprivileg im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert

Nikolaus Bliem


The present bachelor thesis examines whether the nobility were a homogenous group in terms of privileges granted by the sovereign or not. I argue that the amount and extent of these could vary. As shown for the case studies Bavaria and Tyrol and the selected group of privileges (tax, jurisdiction and hunting) the nobility were eager to preserve and strengthen their claim on special rights, while the sovereign, as well as the emergent bourgeoisie, tried to diminish and disprivilege them. This evolved as a continuous struggle in which the lower nobility clung to their claims jealously. As a result the nobility were neither acting as one group nor were the privileges under examination always and everywhere accessible to them.





DOI: https://doi.org/10.15203/historia.scribere.7.406


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