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2017 Reviewer Acknowledgement Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2018 Reviewer Acknowledgement Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2019 Reviewer Acknowledgement Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2018 Running impact forces: from half a leg to holistic understanding – comment on Nigg et al. Abstract   PDF
Kenneth P. Clark, Andrew B. Udofa, Laurence J. Ryan, Peter G. Weyand
2016 Say it quietly, but we still do not know how Quiet Eye training works – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Marc R. Wilson, Greg Wood, Samuel J. Vine
2017 Scientific approaches to technological officiating aids in game sports Abstract   PDF
Otto Kolbinger, Martin Lames
2018 Sport management research - an integral part of sport science? Abstract   PDF
Martin Schnitzer, Martin Kopp
2017 Sport officiating recruitment, development, and retention: A call to action Abstract   PDF
Lori A. Livingston, Susan L. Forbes, Nick Wattie, Nicky Pearson, Tony Camacho, Paul Varian
2016 Sssh! We’re talking about the Quiet Eye – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie
2016 Tackling Quiet Eye issues on a functional level – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Andrè Klostermann, Christian Vater, Ralf Kredel
2019 Talent selection in youth football: Technical skills rather than general motor performance predict future player status of football talents Abstract   PDF
Roland Sieghartsleitner, Claudia Zuber, Marc Zibung, Bryan Charbonnet, Achim Conzelmann
2020 The acute time course of muscle and tendon tissue changes following one minute of static stretching Abstract   PDF
Andreas Konrad, Markus Tilp
2017 The first year of current issues in sport science (2016) – journey has started Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2016 The future of Quiet Eye research – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Joe Causer
2017 The IOC and Olympic bids from democracies and authoritarian regimes – A socioeconomic analysis and strategic insights Abstract   PDF
Thomas Könecke, Michiel de Nooij
2016 The Quiet Eye in life and lab – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Marcus R. Watson, James T. Enns
2016 The Quiet Eye: Reply to sixteen commentaries Details   PDF
Joan N. Vickers
2018 The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - the Matthew mechanism as an approach to explain selection effects and the occurrence of multiple medalists in the "production" of international success in alpine ski racing Abstract   PDF
Michael Barth, Arne Güllich, Eike Emrich
2019 The talent quest – comment on Baker & Wattie Abstract   PDF
Irene R. Faber
2020 Towards a Model of Olympic Social Capital: Theory and Early Evidence Abstract   PDF
Nathalie Prüschenk, Markus Kurscheidt
2018 Using position data to estimate effects of perceptual features of play on passing decisions in soccer Abstract   PDF
Silvan Steiner, Stephan Rauh, Martin Rumo, Karin Sonderegger, Roland Seiler
2016 Using Quiet Eye training in an elite sport context – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Damian Farrow, Derek Panchuk
2019 Validity of the Actiheart step test for the estimation of maximum oxygen consumption in endurance athletes and healthy controls Abstract   PDF
Juliane Heydenreich, Yves Schutz, Katarina Melzer, Bengt Kayser
2019 Visual error amplification showed no benefit for non-naïve subjects in trunk-arm rowing Abstract   PDF
Nicolas Gerig, Ekin Basalp, Roland Sigrist, Robert Riener, Peter Wolf
2016 Visual expertise and the Quiet Eye in sports – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Andreas Gegenfurtner, Adam Szulewski
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