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2016 In my mind’s (quiet) eye: a perceptual-cognitive approach to the Quiet Eye – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Cornelia Frank, Thomas Schack
2018 Influence of exclusive resistance training on body composition and cardiovascular risk factors in overweight and obese children and adolescents: A systematic review update Abstract   PDF
Pavel Dietz, Michael Ornik, Estelle Watson, Mireille van Poppel
2019 Innate Talent in Sport: Beware of an organismic asymmetry – comment on Baker & Wattie Abstract   PDF
Keith Davids, Duarte Araújo
2019 Innate talent in sport: from theoretical concept to complex reality – comment on Baker & Wattie Abstract   PDF
Nikki Rommers, Roland Rössler
2018 Innate talent in sport: Separating myth from reality Abstract   PDF
Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie
2019 Innate talent is adaptable – comment on Baker & Wattie Abstract   PDF
Michael Romann
2016 Is a ‘quiet eye’ all it takes to be successful? Comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Werner F. Helsen, Oron Levin, Gal Ziv, Marco Davare
2020 Jogging, nordic walking and going for a walk - inter-disciplinary recommendations to keep people physically active in times of the covid-19 lockdown in Tyrol, Austria Abstract   PDF
Anika Frühauf, Martin Schnitzer, Wolfgang Schobersberger, Günter Weiss, Martin Kopp
2019 Joseph Baker & Nick Wattie – new insights into the concept of innate talent in sport Abstract   PDF
Lisa Steidl-Müller (Ed.)
2019 Monitoring body temperature during moderate intensity exercise and inactive recovery in the cold: a pilot study Abstract   PDF
Emily Procter, Giacomo Strapazzon, Hannes Gatterer, Bernd Wallner, Hermann Brugger, Martin Burtscher
2017 Muscle tuning and preferred movement path - a paradigm shift Abstract   PDF
Benno Nigg, Maurice Mohr, Sandro R. Nigg
2018 Muscle tuning and preferred movement path: do we need a paradigm shift or should we redefine the old? – comment on Nigg et al. Abstract   PDF
Benedicte Vanwanseele, Xianyi Zhang, Kurt Schütte
2019 Need-supportiveness and athlete well-being: Coaches' competence-support at risk in the elite sport context throughout the season Abstract   PDF
Hedda Berntsen, Andreas Ivarsson, Elsa Kristiansen
2018 New Hypotheses and Unanswered Questions in Running Injury Research – comment on Nigg et al. Abstract   PDF
James Becker
2019 New paradigms in running injury prevention - Benno M. Nigg on target Abstract   PDF
Markus Tilp (Ed.)
2016 Origins and current issues in Quiet Eye research Abstract   PDF
Joan N. Vickers
2018 Practicing sports in lucid dreams – characteristics, effects, and practical implications Abstract   PDF
Melanie Schädlich, Daniel Erlacher
2016 Psychological issues in football officiating: An interview study with top-level referees Abstract   PDF
Urs Schnyder, Ernst-Joachim Hossner
2016 Quiet Eye research – Joan Vickers on target Abstract   PDF
Ernst-Joachim Hossner (Ed.)
2016 Quiet eye vs. noisy brain: The eye like the brain is always active – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
A. Mark Williams
2016 Quiet Eye: The efficiency paradox – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Derek T. Y. Mann, Allison Wright, Christopher M. Janelle
2016 Quiet Eye: The next generation – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Jörg Schorer, Judith Tirp, Rebecca Rienhoff
2018 Reconciling new with old injury paradigms and the need to dig deeper – comment on Nigg et al. Abstract   PDF
Max R. Paquette, Ross H. Miller
2019 Relationship between stability and variability of the core in dynamic reaching tasks Abstract   PDF
Ola Eriksrud, Jan Cabri, Peter Federolf
2019 Relative age and perceptions of soccer specific skills among elite youth players in Norway Abstract   PDF
Bjørn Tore Johansen, Ketil Østrem, Stig Arve Saether, Martin Kjeøen Erikstad
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