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2017 Effect of a 25 ingredient sport drink on exercise performance and muscle oxygen extraction: a randomized controlled cross-over trial Abstract   PDF
Hannes Gatterer, Marc Philippe, Hanno Fröhlich, Stefan Bachler, Florian Mosbach, Martin Burtscher
2017 Examining the functionality of peripheral vision: From fundamental understandings to applied sport science Abstract   PDF
Christian Vater, Ralf Kredel, Ernst-Joachim Hossner
2016 Factors associated with self-reported failure of binding to release among recreational skiers: an epidemiological study Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Ruedl, Karl-Peter Benedetto, Christan Fink, Robert Bauer, Martin Burtscher
2017 Fan motives for interacting on social media – the example of the International Table Tennis Federation and Facebook Abstract   PDF
Mathias Schubert, Jannis Seyffert
2017 Functional Relevance of the Small Muscles Crossing the Ankle Joint Abstract   PDF
Benno Nigg, Jennifer Baltich, Peter Federolf, Sabina Manz, Sandro Nigg
2016 Functions of a quiet and un-quiet eye in natural tasks – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Tom Foulsham
2016 How eye movements improve vision and action – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Miriam Spering, Alexander C. Schütz
2016 In my mind’s (quiet) eye: a perceptual-cognitive approach to the Quiet Eye – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Cornelia Frank, Thomas Schack
2016 Is a ‘quiet eye’ all it takes to be successful? Comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Werner F. Helsen, Oron Levin, Gal Ziv, Marco Davare
2017 Muscle tuning and preferred movement path - a paradigm shift Abstract   PDF
Benno Nigg, Maurice Mohr, Sandro R. Nigg
2016 Origins and current issues in Quiet Eye research Abstract   PDF
Joan N. Vickers
2016 Psychological issues in football officiating: An interview study with top-level referees Abstract   PDF
Urs Schnyder, Ernst-Joachim Hossner
2016 Quiet Eye research – Joan Vickers on target Abstract   PDF
Ernst-Joachim Hossner (Ed.)
2016 Quiet eye vs. noisy brain: The eye like the brain is always active – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
A. Mark Williams
2016 Quiet Eye: The efficiency paradox – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Derek T. Y. Mann, Allison Wright, Christopher M. Janelle
2016 Quiet Eye: The next generation – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Jörg Schorer, Judith Tirp, Rebecca Rienhoff
2017 Reviewer Acknowledgement Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2016 Say it quietly, but we still do not know how Quiet Eye training works – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Marc R. Wilson, Greg Wood, Samuel J. Vine
2017 Scientific approaches to technological officiating aids in game sports Abstract   PDF
Otto Kolbinger, Martin Lames
2017 Sport officiating recruitment, development, and retention: A call to action Abstract   PDF
Lori A. Livingston, Susan L. Forbes, Nick Wattie, Nicky Pearson, Tony Camacho, Paul Varian
2016 Sssh! We’re talking about the Quiet Eye – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Joseph Baker, Nick Wattie
2016 Tackling Quiet Eye issues on a functional level – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Andrè Klostermann, Christian Vater, Ralf Kredel
2017 The first year of current issues in sport science (2016) – journey has started Abstract   PDF
Martin Kopp
2016 The future of Quiet Eye research – comment on Vickers Details   PDF
Joe Causer
2017 The IOC and Olympic bids from democracies and authoritarian regimes – A socioeconomic analysis and strategic insights Abstract   PDF
Thomas Könecke, Michiel de Nooij
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