Réveil, réincarnation et restitution : Yves Bonnefoy dans l’Imaginaire musical de Jeremy Thurlow

Carole Bourne-Taylor


In his sensitive and original compositions inspired by poems by Yves Bonnefoy, Jeremy Thurlow seems to have intuitively rather than consciously captured the poet’s own longstanding preoccupations, especially his never-ending quest for Presence, which is the cornerstone of his poetic endeavour. In its duplicity, image is a threat to Presence, yet they are inextricably linked. A phenomenologically-inspired analysis, based upon Vladimir Jankélévitch’s insights, reveals that music allows a way out of the closed structures of image and concept. Thurlow’s musical rendering of Bonnefoy’s poetic intuitions enact the true vocation of poetry by allowing the sounds to release their full revelatory potential.



DOI: https://doi.org/10.15203/ATeM_2021_2.10


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