Las penas de amor entre la (morfo-)sintaxis y la semántica. Un análisis literario-lingüístico en base a la letra de la canción pop “Duele” de Reik, Wisin & Yandel (2019)

Michael Kalkschmid


In this paper, I will propose a complementary approach to the study of (pop) song lyrics, namely a literary-linguistic one, analysing how lovesickness manifests itself through syntactic and semantic roles in the Spanish-speaking lyrics of the pop song “Duele” by Reik, Wisin & Yandel, published in 2019. First of all, I will present the research method, i.e. literary linguistics, as well as the two objects of investigation: the lyrics of a pop song and the emotion ‘lovesickness’. After that, I will discuss the (morpho-)syntactic and semantic categories/concepts that will be applied when carrying out the literary-linguistic analysis, focusing on dependency grammar and semantic roles.



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