IAM et Co’Sang : le rap au croisement des cultures marseillaise et napolitaine

Daniela Vitagliano


Although the relevance of rap music, especially in France, is well known, the impact on the community remains underestimated. In this work, we will trace the path of two famous groups making the history of hip hop. The first one, IAM – led by the charismatic leader, Akhenaton – is based in Marseille; the second one, Co’Sang (“With the blood”), is based in Naples. Their routes have converged during a featuring for the Co’Sang’s second album song, “Rispettiva ammirazione” (“Mutual admiration”). The analysis of the above-mentioned song will enable authors to establish similarities and differences between the two groups (and the respective urban contexts). Finally, the analysis will focus on the contradictions existing between public declarations, statements and song’s content.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15203/ATeM_2019_2.13


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