Musica e coscienza nella Napoli dagli anni Novanta a oggi: dub, reggae e rap precursori delle nuove dinamiche di migrazione e transculturalità

Vittorio Valentino


In the Neapolitan social atmosphere of the nineties, new dynamics of creolization invaded the roads with the arrival of the non-community immigrants, which started a slow journey toward a surprised city, pleasant and exploitative at the same time. Some writers related the arrival of this new south. Along with some dub, reggae and rap music groups, they understood the uneasiness of the migrant, a feeling similar to that of the Neapolitans themselves. Unemployment, marginalization and the absence of government institutions were sung in a nascent transcultural atmosphere. This work presents an analysis of the literary and social significance of the songs written by the Neapolitan groups involved in this dynamic of protest and commitment against intolerance and racism. This musical struggle continues today, reporting the fundamental importance of and the need for attention to the
migration issue.


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