Sylvie Vartan – 50 ans de bonheur? Stationen in der Karriere eines yé-yé-Idols

Andreas Bonnermeier


About 50 years ago, Sylvie Vartan was one of the major stars of the French chanson yé-yé. Being the perfect example of promulgation through the mass media, she quickly received the status of an idol and became one of the favorite copains of French adolescents in the 1960s. As one of the few real stars of the yé-yé movement, she managed to continue her career up to the present day: first by adopting the American show model, then by engaging in projects with new authors and representatives of the new French chanson. Success was not always part of the show, but Vartan found a way to conserve parts of her public even in the new millennium. Is this the reason why she can be considered an idol unaffected by time?





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