historia.scribere, Nr. 9 (2017)

Von der Oase zur antiken Handelsmetropole. Überlegungen zur wirtschaftlichen Rolle und Bedeutung der nahöstlichen Oasenstadt Palmyra im Kontext der römischen Ostexpansion

Lisa-Marie Gabriel


From an oasis to an ancient trading metropolis. Considerations about the economic role and importance of the middle eastern oasis of Palmyra in the context of the Roman eastward expansion


Numerous publications deal with the versatile ancient oasis Palmyra, which has been known long before the destruction campaign of ISIS as ancient caravan city and long-distance trade center of the Middle East. Nevertheless, little work devoted especially on the economic importance of the old Tadmor. Therefore this bachelor thesis tries to examine Palmyras economic development from an simple oasis in the barren steppe region of present-day Syria to a leading commercial metropolis in the context of the Roman expansion between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD. 

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