EU ante portas or is there a new division line in Slovak politics?

Olga Gyarfasova


Many analyses have provided evidence that the European agenda is not salient for the public and the EU political arena is perceived as a sphere in which less is at stake. However, in the political mobilization we could observe a growing interactions between the national and European agenda – not only national politics is thematized for the EP election campaign  but also vice versa : European agenda is more and more present in the political appeals and voters mobilization. The economic and fiscal crises have accelerated these processes. The study examines Slovakia – a country with a specific integration trajectory and explores how the European agenda has entered the domestic politics recently. The analysis deals also with position of the political parties towards the EU integration and the images of the EU which emerged in the latest national election.


European agenda, European discourse, domestic politics, euroscepticism, political parties


PDF (English)


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